Parkline Place – the next-generation of smart building

30 Jan 2024

Unless you are a software engineer or maybe even a self-proclaimed IT whizz, technology is one of those marvels of the modern world that we never really notice (unless your internet goes down!).

So, while the concept of a “smart building” isn’t new, what does it really mean? How does it make a building better? What data is being collected, and what is it being used for? And can someone tell us what will happen in a smart building if the internet goes down?

We asked Nathan Lyon, Head of Building Technology at Investa to explain all the above and more, for Sydney’s new next-generation super-smart commercial office building, Parkline Place.

“It all starts with the customer,” explained Nathan. “How can technology enhance a tenant’s experience in the building? How does it enable the operations team to operate the building more efficiently and to be more responsive or to even predict the occupants’ needs? And for owners, how can it enhance property and investment value? All these different customers or stakeholders have different use cases that we compile to create a technology infrastructure strategy for a building. This is what we have done at Parkline Place.”

Parkline Place will use an integrated services platform, or ISP. Nathan describes it as a “single pane of glass” where instead of there being several separate building systems to monitor, all the systems are accessed conveniently in one place, and they share data. This allows building managers and tenants to access operational and functional data as its generated, making ongoing performance monitoring and optimisation decisions a real-time reality.

The systems interfaced to the ISP include the building management and control system, power, lighting, energy monitoring, security access, water, gas, and air conditioning, as well as a range of reporting systems. The infrastructure has also been set up to support expansion into other systems.

“You shouldn’t just air drop a single “point solution” into a building. Investa goes to great lengths to make sure that our building infrastructure is open and flexible enough to support expansion. So if in the future, our Parkline Place tenants decide they need for example space management tools or increased indoor environment monitoring sensors, then we are ready to service their needs.”

And what about data privacy issues? Nathan says this is top of mind for everyone.

“We are always upfront and very clear with tenants with respect to what data we'll be capturing and what our intended uses are. And importantly what we are not gathering and what we absolutely will not be doing with it. We understand our obligations and our customers expectations and follow those to the letter.”

Unlike the old days of basements full of servers that are only visible from the management office – today’s smart buildings like Parkline Place use systems that can be accessed over the web via secure methods, from any remote location. Tenants and Building Managers can monitor key metrics from their office, a café, even when WFH.

At Parkline Place, Investa will also offer its popular Insite occupant experience app. The app seamlessly integrates building services, operations and amenities and content to elevate the way tenants interact with the building, delivering a highly user-centred, occupancy experience. Insite provides exclusive access to a range of services, events, meet-ups, news, information and offers. The program aims to deliver a better day-to-day occupancy experience by ensuring that both the business and individual tenant needs are looked after.

As for what happens when the internet goes down? “That’s another question I get asked a lot,” says Nathan. “The technologies we use are incredibly complex – but they also work quietly in the background. No-one should really notice when our systems are working smoothly, but they’ll absolutely notice when they aren’t. So, to safeguard against unexpected interruptions, our infrastructure is designed to be resilient, robust with built in redundancy. Our tenants and our teams can rely on these systems to keep the building operating.”


Integrated Services Platform (ISP) - An integrated services platform is a unified digital system that brings together various services and tools, enhancing collaboration and efficiency within an organization or across entities. It streamlines processes and data sharing, promoting synergy and productivity.

Building Infrastructure - Building infrastructure encompasses the physical and organizational systems essential for constructing, operating, and maintaining buildings and built environments. This includes structures, utilities like electricity and water supply, transportation systems, safety features, HVAC and electrical systems, plumbing, IT and security systems, waste management, and accessibility considerations. It plays a pivotal role in providing safe, functional, and sustainable spaces for human activities, from residential homes to commercial complexes, by facilitating essential services and amenities within these structures.

Insite Occupant Experience App - Insite is an occupant experience app that integrates building services, operations, and amenities, offering tenants exclusive access to a variety of services, events, news, and offers. It aims to enhance the way occupants interact with their building, providing a user-centered and streamlined occupancy experience.


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